Airline Cargo Handling Airline Cargo Handling
Airline Cargo Handling

Working with Major Carriers to Efficiently Handle Airline Cargo

Air CFS - Airline Cargo Handling

STG Logistics provides full import and export handling capabilities for the airline community. Airline customers will benefit from our same day pick up and break down service that cuts wait times by hours. For export customers, we receive, palletize, and build containers according to aircraft specifications and in a time-sensitive manner to make flight departures. Additional benefits of working with STG include:

  • Roller bed trucking service of containers (ULDs) to/from the airline terminal at the time of arrival or departure
  • Same day breakdown and availability of inbound shipments
  • Import documentation and AMS processing
  • Receiving of export shipment including scale weight, dimensions, labeling
  • TSA Screening service including  x-ray and ETD equipment
  • Container buildup by destination or customer according to aircraft specification
  • Minimal waiting times for pickup or drop-off
  • Extensive security with all TSA certified employees, state of the art CCTV, secure entry/exit

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