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STG Logistics Delivers Fast and Efficient E-Commerce Fulfillment

At STG Logistics, we don’t just handle traditional air freight. Many of our customers rely on our logistics expertise to ship even their smallest orders direct to consumers. We offer flexibility, cost savings and the same reliability for handling e-commerce freight as we do with any other type of cargo. For e-commerce shipments, we provide our customers with a suite of services including:

  • Receiving and scanning of merchandise
  • Sorting and segregating individual packages
  • Consolidation of shipments
  • Bar coding and labeling
  • Loading and transfer of Airline Containers (ULDs)

Send your e-commerce products faster and more cost-effectively with STG Logistics. Contact us to learn more.

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We Protect Customer Data

We Protect Customer Data

Because we rely so heavily on technology to enhance our customer service, we have also gone to great lengths to safeguard the security of customer data. Data encryption, firewalls and passwords are enforced, and servers are maintained at a secure location off-site.